“It puts you very close to pure nature in a place where we’re not meant to be as humans. You’re engulfed by the wonders of the deep sea, with a perfect balance of convenience and minimum separation between you and your surroundings.”

Oded Ezra grew up with the sea as his playground and a natural curiosity for what was hidden beneath the waves; today, he has made a career of it, combining his passion for underwater exploration with science and advanced technology. Managing and operating ROV (remotely operated vehicles) operations he has ventured around the world, working in ultra-deep waters, on far-reaching expeditions, and open-water research for both scientific and commercial projects.

Oded has spent over 12 years involved in highly technical offshore projects, operating boats, sonar, and ROV systems. He has been hands-on with many types of systems, operating, managing, and instructing on their use worldwide. With his experience and technical competence, Oded is the ideal person to oversee ROV systems for SubMerge, a role that involves their management as a rescue vehicle and for taking videos of the submersible during dives.

“For me the spirit of adventure is that healthy dose of curiosity mixed with a feeling of aliveness, all the senses fully engaged, when exploring a territory that I’ve never been to.”

A love of adventure, the ocean and nature was cemented at 16 when Oded earned his diving license. At university he studied for a BSc in Marine Sciences followed by an MSc in Marine Geosciences, his research revolving around deep ocean methane seeps and carbonate rock formations, and involving ROV surveys, seabed mapping and geophysical data analysis. He has gone on to complete a number of ROV qualifications from manufacturers of different systems.

From here his career took him all over the world, operating, managing, and consulting on a huge variety of ROV projects. These include ancient artefact recovery and scientific expeditions that allowed scientists access to inaccessible places. As ROV team leader for Haifa University, Oded was integral to an internationally significant find – a unique ecosystem and breeding ground for deep sea sharks consisting of methane seeps and brine pools at 1,150 metres deep, a discovery believed to have implications on our understanding of global sustainability.

For Oded, SubMerge represent the opportunity to build a greater connection with the underwater world, and one essential to its survival:

“It’s thrilling and exciting to be surrounded by the ocean, feeling part of it, watching the life around you, building a feeling of connection. Anyone who experiences this has to become a better advocate and protector of the ocean.”

It is here that Oded’s hopes for SubMerge lie – providing a great experience for clients and raising awareness of the magic of the deep. Their work, whether commercial, scientific, or private, can contribute to the conservation effort by documenting newly explored areas and sharing unique findings with the scientific community. As the combined knowledge and experience of the SubMerge team means that they can operate anywhere in the world, it also opens up places and high-end expedition experiences that, so far, have only been accessed by scientific and professional teams.

Ultimately, Oded thrives on creating and executing his own ideas, and he is continually working on his own business developing underwater observation systems, building ROVs and taking his pick of exciting projects.