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About Submerge


Our expertise lies in ocean and underwater technology and exploration. Having worked across fields and disciplines, we are able to bring our abilities and unique solutions to sectors that range from science and conservation to tech manufacturers and private equity.

Our approach is hands-on, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience every step of the way.

Submerge - Cocos Island Underwater

We’ve spent a huge amount of time in the field

We are explorers and innovators, divers, pilots, mappers and oceanographers. We’ve spent a huge amount of time in the field, built, customised and operated submersibles and ROVs, designed and planned expeditions, made one-of-kind discoveries and been part of ground-breaking expeditions.

Submerge - Underwater

We make the unexplorable explorable

From planning and logistics to compression and gas mixture, our team has the knowledge, skills and technology to make the unexplorable explorable, to push the limits, to achieve what was once considered impossible.

Submerge - Exploring the Unexplorable

The time has come to conquer the depths

We are the people who can make it happen.

Submerge Underwater Adventures

Meet the Team


A submersible is not like a luxury roadster you can simply drive off the lot. Chartering, owning and operating a manned submersible is a complex operation; having an experienced guide to lead you through the vast array of decision points will help to simplify and streamline, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process. Our consulting service will take you from pre-purchase through to daily operations management and shipboard integration.

Submerge Services - Submersibles

There is an ever-increasing demand for submersibles as a revolutionary way to upgrade the yachting experience, something that has allowed for the faster development of innovative technologies. We have our finger on the pulse of the market and keep fully up to date with technology trends and advancement. If you are looking to invest in a submersible for a private leisure or a professional vessel, we can guide you through every step, from ideation to integration.

Submerge Services - Yachts

High quality sea floor maps are essential in the process of planning an expedition for both safe navigation and the achievement of expedition objectives. We are able to acquire and utilize any available data to assemble a 3d model of the seafloor and, where no data is available, collect the data on the topography of the area ourselves.

Photo credit: Enrique Alvarez

Submerge Services - Underwater Mapping

In recent years, ROVs have given us access to areas of the ocean that have long been inaccessible. With an experienced ROV operator on the team, we can use this technology in a variety of pioneering ways, from use for science and research, sample and artifact collection and seabed mapping, to use as a support or rescue vehicle for submersibles and to capture photos and video footage.

Submerge Services - Underwater Robotics

Incredible advancements in underwater technology in recent years have made reaching the depths more possible than ever for scientists, conservationists and explorers alike. That said, it is still a highly complex operation with meticulous design and planning essential for both a safe and successful expedition. We’ll deal with everything – location scouting, mapping, logistics, support, maintenance and checks – to make sure your expedition is of the highest safety standards and has the best chance of being a complete success.

Submerge Services - Expedition Planning

Our team has a number of skilled underwater photographers and videographers, has experiences of using ROVs for both, and has been involved in filming activities for both scientific studies and high-profile names such as National Geographic and the BBC. We can plan for multiple uses and peripheral gear flexibility and understand the logistics and resources needed to capture the perfect shots and footage.

Submerge Services - Photography

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