Our Chief Executive Officer, Boris Nowalski Kader, recently attended the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, where he engaged in insightful discussions and gathered valuable takeaways from the current state of the super-yacht market. Here, we’ll delve into the five main highlights from his experience:

1. The Thriving Super-Yacht Industry:

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 showcased the undeniable vigor of the super-yacht industry. Boris discovered that major shipyards had bustling order books for new builds. This reaffirmed the enduring allure of these floating palaces of luxury, catering to the world’s wealthiest individuals. The demand for super-yachts remains strong, underlining the industry’s resilience even in uncertain times.

2. The Rise of Young Super Yacht Explorers:

A captivating trend observed was the surge in popularity of super yacht explorers. Younger, adventurous owners are entering the market, seeking vessels to explore remote corners of the globe, promising not only luxury, but also the thrill of discovery, appealing to a new generation of yacht enthusiasts.

3. Embracing Environmental Consciousness:

Environmental consciousness took center stage at the show. New yacht builds are placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. From more efficient engines to the use of renewable or sustainable fuels, the industry is making strides toward reducing its ecological footprint. Even the materials used for interior finishes are being chosen with environmental impact in mind, reflecting a commitment to a greener future.

4. Submersibles on Board:

One of the most exhilarating trends witnessed was the growing interest in submersibles on board super yachts. Wealthy yacht owners are seeking more exciting experiences while sailing and having a personal submersible on board adds a new dimension to their adventures. It’s a trend that epitomizes the desire for unique and memorable experiences at sea.


5. Collaboration with Scientific Institutions:

Another development noted was the collaboration between superyacht owners, explorer owners and scientific research institutions. These partnerships involve sponsoring programs and initiatives during yacht trips. Scientists and researchers are brought onboard to conduct specialized projects, promoting both exploration and scientific discovery.

The super yacht sector remains robust, while new trends such as super yacht explorers and environmental consciousness are reshaping the industry’s landscape. The integration of submersibles and partnerships with scientific institutions demonstrate the ever-evolving nature of luxury yachting.

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